Thugs With Big Pipes: Ciroc Star & Justin Kace

Thugs Ciroc Star and Justin Kace
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Thugs Ciroc Star and Justin Kace

Ciroc Star just chillin on some rocks somewhere in Miami. It’s a beautiful serene moment, and then Justin Kace rolls up and fucks it all up. All he got in mind is he wanna fuck that boy, so the two head back to tha crib and start gettin naked. Justin sucks Ciroc’s dick til it’s hard as rock. Ciroc then returns the favor and the two start eatin each other’s fuckholes til Ciroc has enough of that shit and drills Justin hard. He just fuckin that boy non stop gettin in there real good. Justin is bend all over the place taking that thug pipe and when it comes to nuttin it all ends in one hell of a snowball session! Click here to watch and download full video…

jay June 13, 2011 at 6:51 pm

omg!fuck!what a delicious fuck these guys give.i wish i was the one been sucked!jesus!such thick black meats full of my would i not looove to suck ’em all dry till they scream my name!aaaaaaaaah!

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